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Remind yourself that other people's needs and perspectives are just as important as your own. Here at R. A down to earth person is the opposite of someone who acts important or proud. Do this until it is second nature. Americans use another expression that is similar in some ways to down to earth. Value someone's right to speak, even if you do not agree with what they're saying. I can easily identify the people those who pretends to be down to earth but they are not in real.

It is easy to deal with someone who is down to earth. But at the end of the day, nothing that we do is better than the voice itself. Try to treat people on the basis of character, not personality. Travelers interested in a cruise vacation that is down-to-earth and ultra casual would do well to consider a Windjammer cruise rather than a modern megaship. Treat everyone as a human being. But she does not allow them to block dowh understanding of what is real. Looling

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Often the person who has a big head and his nose in the air has no reason to feel better than others. Someone with both feet on the ground may not be as open and easy to deal with as someone who is down to earth. Catch yourself when you are not being mindful of the people around you. Our lives are like the ground below us -- solid and strong. Example Sentences She is very down to earth frienfs, not at all attracted by the glamour world.

Try to see the Looking lining in every situation. Odwn we have both our feet firmly on the ground, and when we are down to earth we do not have our noses in the air. He has a big head. There is no reason to feel inferior or superior. She may have dreams.

Down to earth quotes

Try not make assumptions about people or situations, and try not to needlessly hurt anyone with your words. Do not inflate your own self-worth. He has a lot more things on his mind than that. A down to earth person is the opposite of someone who acts important or proud. There are few people in the world are down to earth these days.

On the other hand, we can further send our delinquent students into damnation by telling them they are no body and all we want to do is punish, punish, punish. Down to earth people could be important members of society.


She has what is called common sense. Together, they form the living speech of the American people.

Example Sentences · She is very down to earth person, not at all attracted by the glamour world. Someone with his head in the clouds is a person whose mind fridnds not on what is happening in real life. Someone with both feet on the ground is a person with a good understanding of reality.

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She is also viewed as a down-to-earth person and not caught up in all things Hollywood, even though her career is firmly entrenched in the movie capitol. (That's true, some friends of mine doown that out). Instead of trying to change them or criticize them: try to learn from them.

You may be better at certain things than most people, but you earty not be so good at other things. Respect people as you would like to be respected.

Words that mention down-to-earth in the dictionary

Instead of saying, "Take out the trash," say "Do you mind taking out the trash so that I can keep cooking dinner? · Initially, I was not interested to meet the parents of my girl friend,​. But the opposite is not always true. Feel free to come to me anytime if something is bothering you, because I was your age once before. "Rainbow is one of the most down to earth individuals I know." "Say what you want about George Bush, but he's a down to earth kinda guy." "The astronauts.

Let go of the ego, and keep perspective. Nothing is better than talking to the child, listening, developing trust, developing a friendship. Be straightforward and unpretentious. Explain yourself, when possible, and ask rather than order. Down to earth people could be important members of society.

Down to earth

I miss my schooldays teacher, Miss Marry, she was really a down to earth lady. Initially, I was not interested to meet the parents of my girl friend, but after last night's dinner treat I found them very nice and down to earth couple.

But have you really been effective? The expression is both feet on the ground. Sometimes a person with his head in the clouds can be brought back to reality.

When you come to a fella without even interviewing him, without sitting him down to find out why you did what you did, your only interest is caning him, because you are burned out and frustrated yourself. to develop spirituality, and once he experiences god's blessing, then other things look trivial to LLooking, however rich'es it may be.

Down to earth

The opposite kind of person is one who has his head in the clouds. We act honestly and openly to others. Origin This idiom does not seem an ancient expression and most probably, there is no record of this phrase before the year in history.

Sharp words from a teacher, for example, can usually get a daydreaming student to put both feet on the ground. I shared with some of my colleagues that these brothers live in neighborhoods dow they are getting whapped with a piece of stick all night, stabbed with knives, and pegged with screwdrivers that have been sharpened down, and they are leaking blood. A person who is down to earth is a rown to find.