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Any cute blondes or redheads out there

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It seems like the more we look at changing a hair color, the more the world pushes us to be bold and beautifully blonde. He looked at me in horror and waved me away.

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No, actually, blondes have been proven to have more strands than other hair colors. So many people want to copy their fiery flaming style, but no one wants to actually BE a redhead. Women know they will never get punched in the face, beaten-down or killed except in rare statistically-inificant cases.

Luckily that love is starting to spread to other hair colors. You've read benefit upon benefit of being blonde, and it's no surprise that everyone and their mother is trying to hold on to it or flat-out achieve it.

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Follow actress Isla Fisher's lead and amp up your hue by heading to the salon for a red color gloss. Over the past half a century or so, the role of woman has evolved greatly, and rightly so.

Plus, the way the light shines on it makes it look more full than it often actually is. The artist acquired these portraits from 20 countries around the world, and put all the portraits into a published book.

Zoe Irwin, Wella Professionals UK Colour Trend Expert, who travels the world searching for inspiration and picking up on the latest beauty trends, forecasts that red hair is here to stay; "As a trend forecaster, I note how the market reacts to colours and I can see that there's a movement towards other 70s tones in the last three - five years," says Zoe.

And because of this ease of dye-ability, you're more likely to change your hair and post mad hot pics. If women need to be lied to for anything to get done, then women will be lied to by men. rredheads

Brain post: the science behind why men prefer blondes:

As those, once learnt, will set you free. Well, besides the fact that blonde is the most common color to ombre or highlight with, blonde is a popular color. The color looks flattering in almost all skin tones, from fair to deep, and gives you a sexy It's often said that red hair flatters natural blondes the most, but brunettes can also Because it is a less natural hair color, it pairs perfectly with a bold, graphic cut like blunt bangs or bob​.

Blondes have more fun anyway, right?

There’s a scientific reason why men are either into brunettes or blondes

The result was thrilling. Lying to yourself, your friends and family, or online, that men invented bad behaviour, is really ignorant and deluded.

The real test would be at my night job: bottle-service waitress at a Midtown nightclub. Another waitress informed me that I had ed the brunette team. They get to sit in the sun and experience the joy of not needing to go vute the hairdresser to lighten their locks.

Julianne Moore showed off her pretty copper locks in all their glory. Comment Poor redhe! Steve GranitzGetty Images 4 of 32 Auburn Highlights For those who wish to have that perfect shade of reddish brown hair, Dascha Polanco's highlighted dye job is the way to go.

Auburn, cherry and electro: these are the best celebrity redhead looks

Your hair can actually SAVE you money, believe it or not. Randi Newton.

They're mysterious and silly and fiery and raw, which is a great balance to blondes: cool, calm, fun-loving, peppy, and reminiscent of the summer sun. Blonde hair is interesting, especially naturally blonde hair.

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A newer co-worker approached me and started a conversation in Russian. Even non-natural blondes, like Lady Gaga, have lots of people looking up to them.

Heading to work, I was not ignored, but there were no comments or catcalls. So wise the fuck up and find the common flaws in logic that keep ALL humanity down. Would being blonde be profitable?

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All the latest celebrity hairstyles, colour tips and advice brought to in the evening," and ranges from sun-kissed strawberry blond to a baked terracotta. The hair color is light enough that it tends to retain pigment. Read on and find out!

Have their been any stories about the great myth of redhe yet? Needless to say, these cufe and surveys provide reason to believe preference in hair color can vary by location.

There's nothing hotter therr dark red hair! A few others leered at me—some cute, some not so. Blondes get the benefit of natural highlights. It is a demand being supplied, in the social-sexual marketplace.