Why economy architect and economy architecture is prime need of society?

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In recent years the internet has given phenomenal rise to the social engineering practices resulting in exorbitant expense on events, which are now part of daily life. Every event must be associated with ROI i.e.Return on investment but the social trend has totally forgotten the prime element and flashy events have become addiction.

Dear aadhaar forum members who are Data Architect, Business Architect and Enterprise Architect please start thinking about Economy Architecture?

Who will be Economy Architect to formulate the Internet Economy for local societies?


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An overarching view is required.

Return on Investment may come in various forms, some tangible and some non-tangible. There are also short term, medium term and long term returns. Architecture is all about having a vision and preparing a road-map to relealise that vision. An event is just a small and short-time activity on that road-map. No architecture can be done in isolation within its own vertical domain. A data or information architect may specialise within the information domain but also needs to understand business, technology and information systems, and their interrelationships. Similarly an economy architect also needs to have an overarching view of the entire landscape and the roadmap.

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