What happens when my aadhar details vanishes from e ration card online database?

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Aadhar card already linked with my smart ration card earlier but recently no ration for us due to id data missing, what to do to get ration again?

Tamil Nadu Ration Cards are facing trouble as per local fair price shop, I am confused my aadhar card data vanish case is specific one or generic mass error. Any how my fair price shop denied ration which i was getting regularly.

Aadhar NPR information merging might be the reason for my id data loss, what to do to ration supply again?


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How to apply Adhare Card who can't walk?

My father is 79 years old and state govt pensioners. He can't walk so under this circumstances it is not possible for him tostanding in the queue and create his adhare card..if it would be mandatory for pensioners then it would be very difficult for him to get the pension.. is there any provision to create the adhare card of these people ? So I believe govt should think about it so that these people can get their adhare from home...else stop this mandatory process of pensioners...

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