What is diasporic identity? What role internet is playing in shaping an immigrant's identity?

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What is diasporic identity? Immigration to a different country and integration in a new society is a very challenging process for anyone. Challenges of adapting to the new life style and constructing a new identity in an almost alien land faraway from the homeland, while preserving the old identity, are not easy to meet. New social contacts are built at the expense of the old ones, new identity is created fearing the loss of the old one. Can an immigrant bring an easy balance between the two, new cultural adaptation and preservation of his homeland identity? What role internet and social media play in bringing this balance?
British Indian author and entrepreneur Sandeep Nayyar will be sharing challenging and exciting experiences of his journey from an ordinary software engineer in India to becoming a successful entrepreneur and a famous author in Britain. Watch this space on the identity forum to gain from his life enriching experiences.


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