What is Data Protection Framework? Who is Top-notch DPF Decision Maker in India? How is it connected with aadhar security?

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In context of UID Data Breach crime reported recently Data Protection Framework has come to forefront grabbing attention of all alert citizens and decision concerned authorities. The DFP News is most important information revealing the top-notch panel head to look after the data domain future in India. India is now in every thing digital era and the digital existence need robust architecture for sole life.

Legal Persona to Look After Digital Security as Chief Adviser - India has formed expert group on Data Protection Framework lead by eminent legal persona, jurist and ex Supreme Court Judge Justice B N Srikrishna who apparently is now most responsible person looking after the recognition and importance of data protection.

Obviously India is keen in keeping citizens personal data secure and well protected not to be breached by any one unauthorized.

Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), Government of India has, on 31st July 2017, constituted a Committee of Experts under the Chairmanship of Justice B N Srikrishna, Former Judge, Supreme Court of India and comprising of members from Government, Academia and Industry to study and identify key data protection issues and recommend methods for addressing them.

The Data Protection Framework committee will also suggest a draft Data Protection Bill to make law in India regulating and protecting digital world.

Indian Data Protection is expected to provide big boost to Digital economy of the country.

Who is Justice Krishna? What is heis role to technology world as legal expert? Recently Justice Krishna submitted Professional Cources Fee report to govenrment.



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