Virtual window shop is new avatar of online business

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Government is moving to online identity management linked with cash subsidy transaction direct to public bank account while people are evolving their own way of living online. India has very fast increasing online outlet delivering various items for day to day use.

US Public has created new doctrine called Virtual Window Shop. When you feel passing time in purchasing clubbed with enjoyment, window shopping is the most favorite activity but what you do in online world?

You have whole shop at you mouse click and search box which not only show you the item of interest but also reveals various aspects associated with the stuff like review, complaints etc. Isn't it research online before you go to hit "add to cart" button in your preferred e-store?

America's Research Group has published latest holiday shopping trends which indicate Virtual Window Shop concept as reality. US media is full of the articles analyzing the online research data. I think it also applies to Indian online purchaser too.

Online shopping windows Virtual Shop is key to Happy Home!!!
Online shop brings happiness in home

Now we have to look on the trends in real world window shopping and it's online virtual avatar. Philip Rooke is CEO of Spreadshirt who wrote in Fourth Source "People now use their tablets in the same way they used to glance at shop windows" adding the latest research surveys results. We recommend to first read the window shop stuff then check further on what unique concept he works on his own virtual store.

In real world people do window shop activity, some hesitate too but online business virtual window shopping has no such boundation. Shopaholics have found new way of engagement exploring Things don't stop here replacing your product scanning, looking, observing and enjoying habit. You just be a part of Philip Rooke's Spread Shirt Concept which allows you to launch your own virtual window shop store for creative Tees.

The power of Virtual window shop is multi dimensional - in one line I must say to provide always growing publicity of you and your products.



Wish one day online store exists to get the Aadhar as you wish

If you review carefully Aadhar is not one time process, it need regular maintenance just like the password used in email website or forum.

How to cope with the problems of routine maintenance or even getting new Aadhar card? Only solution is an online Aadhaar store catering to your need free or with some fee.

sir aap log kahte h ki aadhar

sir aap log kahte h ki aadhar ka correctin on line ho jayga lekin kahan ho raha h log bahut presan hote h pls aap iske liye koi vyavastha kijiye

adhar card

I want aadhar card . so what is the proses.. please told me...

Cashless App of Aadhaar is gateway to Virtual Shop

Happy Xmas, Aftter long time login, Happy that notebandi is now met with and aadhaar based payment app launched.
Aadhaar Credit Daebit Cash Card is reality now!
Wish you all happy new year in advance.

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