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hy i m varun pathak
i want know dat if any bdy want grow our future in uid dat is possible or not

i think this is very important for that person who is woking in uid
bcoz after some time this is not sure future in uid will b continue

if this is not then what is this
we r runing for right and bright future?
if any body have right answer den plz send m a mail on pathakvarun1986@gmail.com

varun kumar pathak



Excellent topic every one must care to think on it

aqfter all there are more than 125 crores aadhaar number to be generated as soon as possible but the how is the aadhaar career no one knows

i suggest ppeople making bee line for uid card plz care to share about the uid jobs and uid career prospect what they watch on ground for the sake of needy ones

Adhar Card

Hello all,

can you please tell me how to search online Adhar Card.?

we have enrolled at Aadhar

we have enrolled at Aadhar card center held at Bhagya Nagar Colony Community Hall. Very fast they have completed enrollment at this place. But it is almost 4 months over we have not received cards till date

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