Ultimate Guide on Aadhaar Related Mobile Number Issues

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The ultimate how-to feature for updating mobile number in Aadhaar card covering all aspects and real world scenarios, an always updating place to bookmark.

Mobile Number is must for Aadhaar - Every aspect of Aadhaar requires mobile phone number of owner. Aadhaar number generation and card related tasks are heavily dependent on the mobile phone as if it is mandatory for owning the most sought after identity of India. For the sake of reference read the original official UIDAI words “Any resident with a mobile number can update their profile using this portal. Mobile number is mandatory to receive password for login” confirming the ownership of gadget for online modification of Aadhaar data interactively on your own.

Online tasks like owner details addition, updation or deletion in Aadhaar card database requires mobile phone for authenticity confirmation of card holder. The official aadhaar portal has sections for data change which sends confirmation code or password to registered mobile number which to be filled back for online aadhaar data change.

Internet is home to ultimate Aadhaar tutorials – Why at all you need tutor for your identity like Aadhaar? Good eGovernace like Aadhaar project depends on online world for public interactions. Online issues are ever evolving domain which can only be dealt in Internet so the ultimate help, guide and tutoring happens in Internet world. Mobile phones are very rigid in technology needing more collaborative support from online world. New problems are always arising in Aadhaar card matters which are unique in nature and many times specific to certain people. You have to depend on Internet for guide and tutorial apart from official Aadhaar help line and knowledge base.

Specific conditions and scenarios are endless in mobile number change - All aadhaar information entered in database which can be modified online like card holder name, gender, birth date, address and mobile number need authentication using mobile phone. Some situations are enumerated below from real world experience of different people related to the registered mobile number in aadhaar database -

- Very simple and straight forward case, you want to shift to new mobile number other that the registered mobile and you have both instrument with you.
- Loss or theft of mobile phone forces you to get new mobile number registered with aadhaar
- For some reason mobile phone number was not mentioned in initial enrolment
- Somehow you didn't get your mobile number enrolled even if it was duly mentioned in aadhaar registration camp
- Wrong mobile number appearing in the enrolled aadhaar details if if the correct number was filled during enrolment
- OTP or verification code not communicated inspite of correct mobile number registered

The list of unique situations related to mobile number information in aadhaar card can be endless which will find place here from time to time and you can also contribute your mobile modification story in comments.

The official Kiosk @Resident Portal provided online by Unique Identification Authority is self explanatory for making corrections and modification of mobile number, email and several more Aadhhar entries for those who possess their own mobile phone.

In short the steps to update mobile number need online aadhaar number submission to get a special password to the registered mobile number. Next you have to choose mobile change option which also allows other field change. Lastly you have to click "BPO Service Provider Selection" to register your change request. After successful submission the final screen gives URN, Update Request Number which you need to note down for future status check. There is download and print facility to allow filing.The data update and change process requires certain time. URN allows you to track your request status online at UIDAI self user support update portal.

What if you have no mobile number registered in your Aadhaar card? Don't wory there are offline options which takes some extra time to insert your mobile number in Aadhaar database.

How much time required to reflect the change in online portal and the other question is time required to take effect of the submission by post?

Is there any provision of SMS or confirmation email after the modification of data in UIDAI data portal to be sent to the concerned Aadhaar owner?



How to recover stolen mobile using uid

Is there any way to get back stolen mobile when you have linked mobile number with you?

The mobile change in aadhar database is identity issue but finding stolen phone is additional benefit and good example of aadhar card usage.

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