UIDAI Precedence to GST Mobile Update and Supreme Court held No Priority to Tax Payers

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Contradictory conditions are common in Aadhaar Card System, The latest one relates to priority to non tax payers and tax depositing citizens. Supreme Court recently held 139AA imposition as impartial to all categories of Indian citizens whether they pay income tax or not.

GST, Goods and Services Tax is to be imposed in mandatory manner on all businesses which requires mobile number update for some traders. UIDAI has issued priority service order to permanent enroller PECs which requires RS 25 for GST related Mobile Number in aadhar card.

Very confusing administrative setup regarding aadhar card services on priority to certain sections.

Following is the de-facto text of Mobile Update GST Applicant Advisory by government -
Aadhaar enrolment and update facility is available through more than 40,000 permanent enrolment centers across the country except Assam and Meghalaya. The list of enrolment centers along with contact details is available at UIDAI website (www.uidai.gov.in) at the link ‘locate enrolment centre’. Out of these 40,000 permanent enrolment centers, over 15,000 centers run by UIDAI registrar CSC e-Gov also have online update clients (UCL) for faster update of mobile, e-mail and demographics. CSC e-Gov, has provided list of its nodal officers (Annexure-I) along with the contact details who can be contacted for more information on these centres.

2. All the Registrars/Enrolment agencies running enrolment centers have been advised to accord priority to the GST applicant/tax payers who are required to migrate to GST platform for updating their mobile numbers in their Aadhaars. These centers have been advised to use online client (UCL) wherever available for updating mobile numbers. In case UCL is not available, mobile update may be got done using offline client (ECMP) and packet be uploaded immediately preferably on the same day.

3. The taxpayers may also be advised that mobile update in Aadhaar will require their physical presence as mobile update requires biometric authentication of the Aadhaar holder. The registrars/enrolment agencies have been authorised to collect a fee of Rs. 25/- per update request.


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