Today is World Blood Donor Day 2017 Wednesday, 14 June, Remembering Life Helper and Role of Aadhaar card

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Wish the Health Aadhaar card helping blood donors and needy patients soon be a reality, We the Identity Forum visualized the dream in very beginning. Happy World Blood Donor Day 2017 wishing Aadhaar Linked Identity as soon as possible.

Health Aadhaar card is even more complex and ultra modern initiative if taken by India, IT Czar UID Architect Nandan Nilekani has made speech on concept.

Blood donors are ultimate life helper donating their own vital fluid to revive others.

Helo aadhar card identity member if your haemoglobin is 12.5 gram per 100 ml of blood then what are you waiting for? Simply reach fast to any nearby blood donation camp or authorized center.


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