UID Software Based on Compliance Identification Protocols

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Basic Information about UID Software - Unique product identification is a an excellent system employed by the U.S government and mandated by the Department of Defense that enhances item tracking, storage and identification of valuable items and Government assets. UID software analyses data about items from their manufacture, product distributions and even the final installation of the items. All this tracking and identification is done for all the assets that are registered as US Government properties. The introduction of this UID software for identification was done with the aim of preventing misplacement of Government assets, loss of items or misuse of items belonging to US military.

All the methods involved in the identifications are precisely indicated in compliance identification protocols known as MILSTD 130 and MIL SPEC 129. All regulations, item specifications and restrictions involved are well covered by UID standards highlighted in MIL STD 130 as well as in MIL SPEC 129 documentations. These information included touches on each an every aspect about an item from manufacturing requirements all the way to installation of the product. Simply, everything that touches on the product must be registered with UID. Guidelines include in UID standard policy includes registration requirements of the item, what the compliant UID label contains, substrate materials and technologies recommended for marking of the items as well as other important details.

UID software is also regulated by other more specific rules regarding the unique identification and tracking of products. These rules also apply to UID data capture, barcode scanning, UID data analysis as well as other various requirements that may be involved in the identification process. In short, UID compliant solution basically depends on the software used in the programming, UID hardware and the general identification solution. MIL SPEC 129 directs that all items registered under the government of US must have a unique identification. This unique identification of products entails featuring important data in the product labels such as data regarding the manufacturer, where the manufacturer is located, the date of production for the item, serial number, expiry date, service data, the code of the item and other vital and relevant information. This set of identification data is also captured in a bar code written in a specific format like 2D data matrix. To achieve this high level of automation, proven and verified UID software must be used to enhance success of the coding and tracking of the product.

MIL SPEC 129 outlines all the important parameters that UID software and compliant scanners must have. This UID software should actually read bar code data and store the 2D matrix codes. These details contain the basic details required in identification of the product. UID software recommended for the task of identification must as well have memory backups during their installation and enhance storage of the data to ensure an efficient and successful data analysis. The UID software must enhance accountability of the tracking and identification process. In the long run, it must as well assure that the whole process and functions of UID are done smoothly to enhance acceptable logistics during acquisition of Government items.



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