Revolution in access control system is getting roots in people's life

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The biometrics has its role in access control system involving the human touch, your face, finger, iris and what not is identity in the entry privilege to important work places.

Don't you see a revolution in access control system? Human elements are research subject for identification and every time new access method is announced. Recently the payment emperor Paypal has also introduced online identification biometrics using Samsung phones.

Scholars must get alerted to put more research on the revolutionized bio-enabled access control system to give better insight to technology.



I don't have a addhar no.

I have adhar acnoledgement
Past 2011, since I didn't get adhar card

Access control system, like in office entry-exit

I think you are talking about a busy office where workers have to go out for official business and come back to report. Aadhar based access is good idea.
I want access for child who has kotak kid's account, how to link with aadhaar card?

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