Social Media requires Social Audit for Safe n Secure Internet Existence and healthy society

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Social Audit Must For Positive Use of Social Media, MoS Shri Sarang at Bhuvan Bhushan Devalia Memory Lecture

State Minister (independent charge) for Cooperatives, Bhopal Gas Tragedy Relief and Rehabilitation Shri Vishwas Sarang said that the positive use of social media is a big challenge. A social audit approved by all is necessary to ensure that social media is responsible and its use is for the welfare of people. Shri Sarang was speaking on ‘Social Media- Opportunities and Challenges’ at the Bhuvan Bhushan Devalia Memorial Lecture today.

State Minister Shri Sarang said that social media was started with a positive aim of developing better communication. He said that we do have a right to freedom of expression but we also have responsibilities. He said that today negativity has also seeped in social media. Efforts are being made to belittle people through this healthy medium. There is need for discipline and control in using this medium. He said that for this is necessary that we develop a person, which has not happened in the last 70 years. He said that if a person is developed, we will not only be able to establish a strong social media but will be able to establish a healthy thinking process and mentality in all areas.

Shri Sarang said that prior to independence; the term ‘leader’ was a symbol of prestige and glory. The public gave freedom fighter Subhashchandra Bose the title of ‘Netaji’. He said that the society would have to form a code of conduct so that this live medium of communication is not misused and we do not become responsible for deforming this media. He said that government will ponder upon inclusion of this subject in the curriculum so that there is positive use of social media and the new generation is trained for its use.

Keynote Speaker Rajya Sabha T.V Executive Director Shri Rajesh Badal said that the social media has both good and bad aspect. He said that there is need to bring awareness among people on how and what context to use the social media. He said that all the mediums of social media have come from the west. This media was started in the west to establish communication in the scattered society there. He said that if we see in the Indian context, even today our society follows the tradition of being with each other in both good and bad times. He said that the distances that have been created due to materialism, especially in metro cities, social media comes as a rescue but its use should be confined to an exchange of fraternal feelings, harmony and information, only then it will be considered a boon. Through this media, we are connected to our roots but if this media is used to deface or harm anyone, it can become dangerous. He stressed on the need to educate people to be aware and alert.

Introducing the subject Director Research and Strategic Planning of Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Shri Pradeep Krishnatre said that technology has a major role to play in moving forward in today’s world. He said that equipments have turned so small in size in the communication sector that we can now communicate easily. He said that social media has had a widespread influence on the society and this has resulted in a fundamental transformation on our social and political life. He said that today this medium has become essential in our lives that if we do not use it, we would remain backward. What will be the result of this fast pace of development of social media is not known. He said that the fast rising popularity of Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and other mediums is an example in itself. He said that this medium has been used to establish emotional and personal relations between separated people. He said that we ourselves would have to decide the line on how this medium can influence our lives.

State Minister Shri Sarang honoured young journalist Shri Arjun Richaria with the Bhuvan Bhushan Devalia Samman. He also released a souvenir. He presented guests with a memento along with a Tulsi sapling. Senior journalist Shri Kamal Dixit, Sushri Devender Kaur Uppal and a large number of journalists and elite were present. Senior journalist Shri Shiv Anurag Pateria gave information on the programme outline.


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