Privacy is fundamental right

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The Intrinsic has come out as judgement making it legal from the apex law agency Supreme Court of India now designing and devising Indian lives in new era of Right to Privacy which brought aadhaar identity card in forefront of discussion. Nine judges has one voice judgement that "Privacy is fundamental right". Large bench of justices delivers the constitutional judgement to draw new age face of India caring right to privacy of citizen as intrinsic element.

When was the historic rock solid opined judgement written? Privacy Fundamental Right judgement day is 24 August 2017 recorded in history as Ultimate Privacy Day of India. Aadhar used to have privacy right issues from very inception stage. You must know that Supreme Court of India has reversed the earlier judgments of opposite nature.

Now on-wards India only knows one liner rule Privacy is fundamental right and started thinking and designing an overall change in all perspectives. The identity card of India Aadhar is now expected to be looked upon from new privacy light source evolved from Privacy Fundamental Right judgement.

Can you name the justices of Privacy Fundamental Right judgement? The 9 judges constitution bench writing privacy judgement is listed here -
1) Chief Justice J.S. Khekar
2) Justice J. Chlameswar
3) Justice S. Abdul Nazeer
4) Justice A.M. Sapre
5) Justice R.F. Nariman
6) Justice R.K. Agarwal
7) Justice D.Y. Chandrachud
8) Justice S.K. Kaul
9) Justice S.A. Bobde

What about aadhar case? The Supreme court is still processing various aadhaar issues under 3 judges bench. What you would like to comment on "Privacy is fundamental right"?
Meaning of privacy is different for every person but now the rule is only one in India protecting one of your fundamental rights now, Privacy Right the hot debated topic worldwide..



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Supreme Privacy Order now needs analysis and application

Deep rooted application of "Privacy is fundamental right" rule requires equally wide and depth in dealing in multi-cultural India. Ours UId Aadhar Forum is best place for Privacy discussion and comments

Are you talking privacy in well game suicide series era?

Even Uttar Pradesh and remote areas of India are under clutches of blue whale game suicide and kids to adults are making suicide so where stand the privacy?
dealing with privacy must take care of fact that people coming in masses boarding online world and following online attractions to scam, farjiwada, thugi, trap and money loosing. Many fall prey to criminal blackmailing so privacy must be handled from deep down roots.

Privacy and identity are just contradicting situatins

Privacy and identity are just opposite and different kind of phenomena,
if you go for privacy means you want to remain private then you cannot create your identity openly and freely
and otherwise when you become famous or want to become famous you must resort to be in open
means away from being private or your own privacy,
in this case the whole picture all together changes your definition of privacy changes

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