How to get Guaranteed Rs 1000-5000 in Atal Pension Scheme Online? Remember Aadhar card is must now

Government has made Aadhaar Card Mandatory for Atal Pension Scheme, the official financial security in old age when life demands security, Complete Hot To 2017 to secure online your own monetary help.

Aadhaar Act has been expanded to cover Atal Pension Yojana (APY) for help transfer. How actually the inclusion affect you? The UID Act requires pension eligible to submit Aadhaar number issued or Aadhaar authentication requires your registration details.

How to link PAN Card and Aadhaar Number? Is the step compulsory as per Apex Court directive?

First of all why any one need to link Permanent Account Number to Aadhar Number? People quoting Supreme Court of India has issued decision mandating PAN Aadhaar Link, what is reality? Every concerned citizen in context of Income Tax Return submission is asking the linking judgment in online world. Let's look the reality.

What is Supreme Justice Authority order on PAN Aadhaar Link?


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