Mutual Fund Mandatory Aadhaar Linking Complete Know How and Common Trends: Fake or Genuine Condition?

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Recent online viral system is suggesting you go and act fast to link your Mutual Fund with Aadhar Card through CAMS which is Registrar and Transfer Agent offering excellent online facility catering to big list of folios. Public contributory monetary share runs mutual fund for money growth. Aadhaar number of share offering person linking with mutual fund service duly authenticated for genuine identity is the purpose of pure white legitimate money.

Which rules govern the Mutual Fund Mandatory Aadhaar Linking? Is it a recent development? Till now I happily do mutual funding without aadhar card, what urgency made mandatory MF UID Link?

India Government Amendment 2017 of Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA) is the governing law behind mandatory aadhaar card number in investing business. PM Modi Government is very keenly wiping money malpractices in every possible way to adopt online authenticable aadhaar number. Mutual Funds might attract illegal money in absence of aadhar link. Mutual Fund Mandatory Aadhaar Linking is sure way to plug and keep away unidentified money or fake investments.

How many mandatory linkage necessary for money matters? There exists news of Bank Account, PAN, Income Tax etc. having mandatory aadhaar number link and mutual fund also joined the same line.

An Automatic question arises why one mandatory Aadhar link is enough to Cater to all subsequent services? Is it that Aadhar mutual fund link is for the first timers only? Please confirm if the whole line of financial and other services required mandatory aadhaar number linkage? if it is so then the whole process is really cumbersome and spine jerking-breaking.

What is CAMS? How it tapped aadhar usage opportunity?

Computer Age Management Services, CAMS is Registrar and Transfer (R&T) Agent officially approved by government.Indian Asset Management companies uses transfer agent for shifting of mutual funds. C a m s is one of important Registrar and transfer agent walking successful in financial field with good reputation. Computer Age Management Services became the first ever Mutual Fund Aadhar link provider by giving online facility for mutual fund users.
CAMS a Finance giant company with headquarters at Nungambakkam operates under CEO N. Koteswara Prasad, an IITian B.Tech degree Mechanical Engineer having all India presence.

Now CAMS is the first company ensuring Prevention of Money Laundering Act 2017 (Amended) by assisting Financial Institutions and Investors online in Mutual Funds Aadhaar Number Link to concerned MF accounts."

When will other Mutual Fund Transfer Agency come in picture with online MF UID Aaadhar Linking? Let’s wait, at the moment CAMS is only available option.

What is last date for mutual fund aadhar link? Government has se 31 December 2017 as the final date for all mutual fund account holders to link their accounts with aadhar card.

How to link aadhar card with mutual fund account?
Need to visit CAMS for your existing mutual fund folios aadhaar link here (
Fill in the required Email, PAN, Aadhaar Number and Mobile Number
The same online form now automatically fetches the Mututal Fund List with tick mark to select all entries
CAMS will verify the submitted Aadhaar number with UIDAI Online Authentication System.
An OTP will be sent to your Registered Mobile number/ Email ID as available in Aadhaar database
After verification your browser will success notice.

Special point to be noted: The authentication notices says if you haven’t carried out the mutual fund aadhaar linking operation you can call 1947, the toll free number Or send an email to stating whatever your online problem case might be. You must comment your mutual fund online and aadhar linked authentication problems so that we can carry on more information packed unique content for your help.

Fake or Genuine Condition - One serious concern strikes what if someone fraudulently make fund aadhaar linking? How you get the information? We will soon publish another story article detailing the legal aspect of authorizing a company through Aadhaar authentication.



Paisa Rupaiya and Aadhar have strong relation

Paisa and Aadhar have now become interrelated, your money in mutual fund, bank, credit card, debit card or any other place requires you to identify through your Aadhaar card,
in other words the Unique Identity and money matters are now on the same train trying to support each other,
banking has very complex task of client identification but being linked with Aadhar might make your money more secure
Mutual Fund Aadhar linking is welcome move

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