Most industrial Jharsuguda has Aadhar camp live, role out your card fast

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Aadhar camp is running, being organised to register for your own aadhar card in Jharsuguda of the Odisha state an e-Municipality drive leader.

Collector Jharsuguda has officially inaugurated the Aadhar enrollment in Sarbahal U.G.M.E School, if you are local resident rush to get your unique identity and don't forget to tell your experience for others.

Have seen the Aadhar advertisement videos? Please comment you views and reviews...

We are showing one Oriya video here just for example.



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Uid camp in Odisha city of Jharsuguda is good news local

School is best choice for camp installation, authomatically whole area gets aware about the aadhar camp, shcool kids help spread the word,

Mouth publicity and social online network is beneficial to aadhar card initiative

Jharsusagada aadhar camp started late but now citizenz have opportunity

Local municipality think over permanent aadhar center in town

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