Identifying the Identity World is now moving to global horizons and international presence

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Thank you Aadhaar lovers for your continued support and making the forum truly interactive place. The Identity word contained here is full of international visitors and their valuable contributions. With very happy and prosperous new year wishes Ashok Sharma internet thanks you all who are part of the robust online community 60,000 website members, 61000 Subscriber in Google Feedburner and 143,773 Total Subscriber and as of now 1000 Visitors Per Day and total One Crore VIEWS!
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Yes now it's a and Ashok Sharma internet venture and I invite all of you to bring the whole community to new horizons. It belongs to YOU the PUBLIC and are welcome to join for all types of collaboration.

The focus now will be on global identities with real persons and very special class trends how internet works. actually Ashok Sharma internet is working in background for the same purpose for last few years.

I witness wonderful contribution in online world. People from various walks of life like the glamour, literature, art, music and all creative world maintain Internet Existence in very impressive way and in various amounts.

Ashok Sharma internet is working on Internet Existence, Internet Modelling and Internet acting concept which is under process of getting a proper definition and shape.

You are working in ground life as well as real life creative, acting and modelling field while here at Identity Forum Area it is totally online word.

We would like to collaborate with YOU in Online World at initial stage to graduate later in offline means Ground World.

So it is collaboration of real and virtual world via Identity Forum. If you find the idea suitable we can further discuss…
Now the business style presentation for AADHAAR The Base - The Glamour Container or Internet Modelling or Online Existence system is initially priced at USD 18,000 Yearly Program

The beauty of my proposal for Identity World is - Your online contribution (as per program design) can minimize the $18K yearly cost to almost ZERO…

Let me conclude with your interactions...


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How can I collaborate with other forum members.

I am an author of three books published by leading publishers like Penguin and Ocean books. I write in Hindi and English for Indian and international readers. How can I collaborate with the other Identify forum members to grow my internet presence? Can you please guide?

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