I am AadhaarLess Person, What can I do and what cannot? I am talking of government essentials, schemes & benefits

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What are thing denied and deprived to AadharLess Indian Citizen? Yes, the meaning is Uidless or persons without the unique identity card, no entry in Central Identities Data Repository

We have to look to official statements and information to examine the AadhaarLess sitation, we don't mean baseless but you know here the subject is UIDAI made UID Aadhar Card.

No one to be deprived of benefits for lack of Aadhaar is a government statement made on 07 March 2017 but what actually is ground reality? In most cases UID system is working fine. We need to care of loopholes and to fill it at the earliest opportunity.

Alternate identification is allowed for alternate means of identification by India government as claimed many times. But the basic need, if any one leftover in making aadhar card during mass enrollment drive for whatsoever reason now needs to do big exercises in certain scenario. For example aadhaar server is down, how will get the identity in time? Many cities are facing unique identity aadhaar connectivity failure and server outage at least in past months as reported by reputed medias.

Indian Departments must take care of Aadhaar enrolment facilities for seekers which is regulated by Government Regulation 12 of Aadhaar (Enrolment and Update) Regulations 2016. Are uid asking department, institute or private entity really allowing the Alternate identification instead of Aadhar card? For example AadhaarLess person couldn't avail Reliance Gio Free Offer which otherwise was activated just by offering thumb impreesion of the buyer.

Again government statement adds: Considering the usefulness of Aadhaar in curbing leakages and bringing transparency in delivery system, the Government has recently issued orders to use Aadhaar in several other welfare schemes funded from the Consolidated Fund of India.

But read the confusing creating phrase "While these orders require beneficiaries of these programs to give their Aadhaar number, it has also been ensured that no one is deprived of the benefits for want of Aadhaar".

In general robustness from all sides is need of hour specailly for AadhaarLess ones who actually are under hit list.


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