How to make Aadhaar UID? Latest Unique Identity Card Ultimate Guide

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Ultimate How To Feature Coaching You The Aadhaar Enrolment Process including special conditions blocking your application, rectification of errors made and circumstances generated out of negligence or incidental unforeseen situations keeping out of the system.

Basic 3 Steps of Aadhaar Card Making

Find Aadhar Center, Fill application form and Get Biometric Capture Done

Real Time 10 Steps of Meticulous Registration with extended 14 Points Process, may have more in specific case

You know Aadhar is Mandatory - Very Simple, You Need It! Actually want it! Everyone mandatorily need an aadhaar kendra / enrolment centre / camp and self service online resident portal as government requires you to have your own unique identity card. As per the present system, You must have to register personally, track status online and then after everything goes well, wait for India Post envelope containing your own unique identity aadhaar card in nice print on special paper. In short the ultimate UIDAI Enrollment & Registration Process guide is here "having more than sufficient and intricate details" with comments sharing facility for exceptional problems which no one want to solve. Identifying The Identity forum is only place for posting complex queries.

The process narrated in few lines is not so simple, the "how to make aadhaar unique id card" might prove really unique to each individual. Let me enumerate all known aspect of aadhaar making procedure -

(1) Ideal Condition - You are required to first locate nearby Enrolment Center for actually going in person to complete your registration.

The very special facility from UIDAI says You can get yourself enrolled anywhere in India but does really such fancy exist? Any one with real time first hand experience?

(2) Inquiry Visit is The best Start - Find an accessible aadhaar card center, visit or make a phone call to ask for appointment to avoid delays. You can search online, inquire neighborhood or explore here for address and contact.
- i) We suggest you to visit the targeted center, check for everything working
- ii) Inquire about the acceptability of required documents in your possession.
- iii) Check about any problem with your own biometric and demographic details.
- iv) Ask for any specific local requirement
- v) Finally get the aadhaar application form to filled otherwise you can download online too. You can fill the stipulated application form in your house to avoid clutter and mistakes.

Note - What about Aadhaar Online Enrolment - Only thing you can do is Request Online for an appointment. No aadhaar online making facility is available now starting from biometric capture to demographic collection. May be in future the facility come and allow real online aadhaar making. But now you have to go to ground aadhaar center, may be a camp or permanent centre to get your biometric capture done for iris, face and fingers. You can try an appoint online in resident portal too but it is not dependable solution as per our forum experience.

3) Start the Real Procedure in Aadhar center - Now we assume you have reached enrolment center for real action. The actual enrollment requires specific documents and / or introducer in some cases for aadhaar registration in specified office. If you have started as guided above then you must be in hassle free situation, all documents ready. Now start filling and complete the application form, If you have already filled application then submit to center operator.

4) Identity Gadgets in Action - After successful paper work and it's acceptance biometric capture activity starts. Face camera, finger print scanner and iris capture camera will gather you picture to be shown in aadhaar card, finger prints and iris to be stored digitally in Uid database.

5) Receipt Collection - Aadhaar Enrolment is government process, you just completed successfull and you must collect acknowledgement slip having date and time up to seconds and fourteen digit number just for you. You find that everything in the enrol receipt is unique to you. But it is just start of process and long journey is ahead so please must keep it safely or better have digital backup in your smartphone if you can.

6) Now ONLINE Rules - You have to chase the aadhaar making registration, already successfully done as above, in following ways which is available online for your ease and works successfully.

(7) Check Aadhaar Status Online or your enrolment centre whether in process or generated in database.

(8) Online Download Aadhaar Card with all details submitted by you just with mouse click and get instant aadhaar if it is already generated.

(9) Get Your Aadhaar Number on Mobile registered with UIDAI at registration camp or updated online.

(10) Wait for India Post to deliver the real aadhaar card sent by Unique Identification Authority of India.

Basically the above Ten Steps define completion of "How to make Aadhaar" but look further for more information and simple to complicated situations in way of getting unique identity UID card.

(11) Lost UID EID case - If your enrollement slip is lost then how will you get the aadhaar status?

(12) Some how you lost aadhaar number

(13) Your registered mobile number / address / surname or any personal details changed

(14) Don't have or want online facility to modify form registration details and like to use Postal Service

List is till long incorporating innumerous amount of hurdles expected or unforeseen, you will find, as many as possible, here all due to UID Aadhaar Identity Forum being oldest public interaction point. Even you can search your own case using the search box in right column, appearing below in mobile phones and tabs.

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aadhar Centre Chahiye

Sir Mai Akola Dist Murtizapur Tehsil Place (Maharashtra) me rahta hu mujhe aadhar centre chahiye so plz guidance kare

Not received Aadhaar Card for Enrollment made on 2013

I enrolled for Aadhaar card via VeeTechnologies on 20/11/2013 and I am yet to receive my Aadhaar card. I get error "No information is available for the entered ID" on using; Currently I hold the paper received from VeeTechnologies with Enrollment No: 1208/71109/08085. Please do the needful to get my Aadhaar card without any further delay. Thanks

What are list of scpecial how to make cases?

My aunt still don't have aadhar card, being rural population no blind person given chance, how to make aadhar card who have still not made in 2017?

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