Government tells MP Husain Dalwai "81 lakh Aadhar card banned", Why such large volume UID Deactivation occurred? Know official version and relevant details

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The aadhaar card deactivated by India is hot issue in online world with every one telling the status check and all that. Ok we already have given how to check aadhar status and here focusing on the prime uid deactivation news. This article is very important if your legitimate aadhaar card is under Deactivation State.

First read the Indian upper house official report on Maharashtra MP usain Dalwai's Rajyasabha Question Number 2964 -
Will the Minister of ELECTRONICS AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY be pleased to satate :-

(a) the total number of Aadhaar numbers deactivated so far, State-wise and year-wise, since the issuance of first Aadhaar;
(b) the reasons for which numbers are deactivated and for each reason, the number of Aadhaar deactivated so far;
(c) the procedure which was followed for deactivation prior to enactment of Aadhaar Act in 2016 and the procedure being followed after notification of Aadhaar regulations; and
(d) which authority is responsible for deactivation and whether an opportunity of being heard is given to the person whose Aadhaar is being deactivated, if so, the details thereof, if not, the reasons therefor?


(a) and (b): The Aadhaar numbers are deactivated for a number of reason(s) as stated in Section 27 and 28 of Aadhaar (Enrolment & Update) Regulations, 2016. Till date, approximately 81 lakh Aadhaar numbers have been deactivated. The State-wise, year-wise and reason-wise data is not maintained by Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI).

(c): Prior to enactment of the Aadhaar Act, 2016, the deactivation (suspension) of Aadhaar numbers was done as per the Aadhaar Life Cycle Management (ALCM) guideline. Subsequent to the enactment of the Aadhaar Act, 2016, the provisions of the Aadhaar Life Cycle Management were incorporated in the Aadhaar (Enrolment & Update) Regulations, 2016 and deactivation of Aadhaar numbers is done as per these Regulations.

(d): The authority to deactivate the Aadhaar number rests with Regional Offices of UIDAI. In addition, deactivation of Aadhaar due to mixed/anomalous biometrics is done by the UIDAI Technology Centre. As per the laid down procedure, “Any Case reported/ identified as a possible case of requiring omission/deactivation may require a field enquiry which may include hearing the persons whose Aadhaar number is sought to be omitted or deactivated.”


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Removal of Aadhar Number? Is it real?

Can government remove aadhar card of a citizen? What actually is the taking back of aadhar card? Ban, Deactivate, Remove and many situations exist but no one know the difference.

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