February 2018 is BSNL Mobile Aadhaar Link Deadline

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The latest aadhar deadline has been announced by BSNL. Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, only ruling government telecommunications company deal and decide the communication at source base has fixed mandatory deadline date as 06 February 2018 for all mobile phone subscribers and number holders to link with owners aadhar card.

Dear readers the aadhaar mobile link deadline seems final ruling out all previous ones.

BSNL Mobile and other communication facility specially reach remote corners of India where other service providers haven't reach which means the rural and remote area citizens owning mobile number issued by BSNL must take care 06 February 2018 is BSNL Mobile Aadhaar Link Deadline as final warning.

Now you have full six plus months to get your BSNL Mobile linked with Aadhar card. What is duration between two dates i.e. today and deadline date?

To be exact on the writing moment today 31 July, You have 190 days from and including: Monday, 31 July 2017 to, but not including Tuesday, 6 February 2018.


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