UID AADHAAR 2nd phase to start this month - 40 crore enrollments in Target within 2 years

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40 crore new residents of India Republic are now all set to enroll in second phase of Aadhaar enrolments, confirmed the same by The Unique Identification Authority of India. Speaking on modalities of registration, the Unique Identification Authority of India express hope to complete the entire process within two years from this month.

The Authority organized a workshop to review the previous efficiency level when it was tendered to multi facilitators at various district levels and also discussed the possibility of deploying multi-registrars to efficiently cover maximum number of residents of district/state.

An idea to start a permanent enrolment stations at district level in states which have already done a lot in the district is under consideration.

The highlighting features of the 2nd phase of registration would be the inclusion of marginalized sections of the society.

Registrars shall be asked to launch special drive to indentify and include the citizens who is ready, wants to become aware, needs support, needs properly connected, can contribute and perceive togetherness.

Social inclusion drives to cover marginalised sections of society shall underpin the project.

The Cabinet Committee on UIDAI had approved the continuation of Aadhaar enrolments by Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) through multiple Registrars for an additional 40 crore residents.It is reported that 20 crore registrations already done by the end of March 2012.


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