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Indian Norwegian Hindi author travels the land of white stones of frozen water i.e. Iceland but thinks in Hindi and writes the matter which is enjoyable like Indian fairy tales. The Icelandic travelogue is woven around ghost stories, witch crafting and wizarding, and no doubt Praveen Jha comes out as Hindi master storyteller direct from ice terrains.

The traveloguer has really mastered the art of word wizarding creating the ice terrains full of Icelandic ghosts casting spells in your imagination. Hindi author Praveen Jha comes out as extraordinary Hindi Identity who testifies his travels with magical words and published online for any one to enjoy.

What identity is reflected in Iceland book by Indian Norwegian Hindi author? Chaste Hindi must be the proper word to describe the writer's journey where you only have blue ice competing with equally blue sky and few people with rare culture and traditions. The sense of living in ice is drawn cleanly in Hindi travelogue titled "Bhooton ke desh me: Iceland".

Dreaded spirits are identity of many areas. Ghost stories are very popular in India and in most part of world too but does the Hindi book on Iceland really tell you the dread of spectres haunting in and around the ice terrains? It's magical tale of weird Iceland by man of landlocked country and hot environs.

The Hindi book "Bhooton ke desh me: Iceland" - A travelogue by the Norwegian author Praveen Jha is available to purchase online here and free with Kindle edition too.

Picture Identity: Do you find any ghost in ice? Amazing Indian Norwegian Hindi author Praveen Jha is posing in Icelandic Ice with his favorite car looks like master magician who has just appeared from blue sky-

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The Pret Katha Identity on Wine, Fish, Meat Money & Sex of India

The Iceland Ghost Story Book has real Indian Village Tantra Mantra Bhoot-Pret in comic but serious style too. Norwegian Hindi author Praveen Jha has emerged a serious fiction master of real life ethos.

Hindi book starts with village ghosts and corporate tantra both with serious tone. The Iceland traveler has not only examined Rasik Tantra but raised queestion too. Who has the philosophical intellect to deal with Tarapeeth matters? The Iceland Ghost Story is not a simple travelogue writing on Norwegian world but serious hints on Indian ghost cult too.

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