Government is making rule for ground water bores, tubewells and open wells

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India is formulating new ground water law. If Bore Making, Well Digging and Any Form of Grounder Water Sourcing is your concern, then must read and react to the news. But don’t who never thought of ground water must also come to know the latest rule under formulation.
Litigations in the National Green Tribunal, various state branches of the tribunal and even court case are increasing in numbers

Central Grounder Water Authority CGWA is trying to ensure ground water withdrawal in India must be as per law.
New Grounder Water guidelines will ensure an uniform regulatory framework across the country so that the discriminatory practices in regulation are either mitigated or minimized.
Central Government has written to states seeking comments sought on draft guidelines for ground water extraction
Central Grounder Water Authority (CGWA) has sent Draft guidelines for “issuance of NOC” means ground water license for withdrawal and draft “Public Notice” to all state Chief Secretaries and Union Territories Administrators for their comments within 60 days.
The major revisions in the guidelines are pan India coverage, decentralization of the No Objection Certificate (NOC) issuing authorities, based on the quantum of ground water extraction viz. revenue heads of the district, State Nodal Agency / State Ground Water Authority and CGWA, dispensing with the provisions relating to submission of artificial recharge proposals and construction of artificial recharge structures by project proponents, introduction of a water conservation fee in lieu of recharge mechanism; funds raised through the water conservation fee to be used by States for effective ground water management etc.
The CGWA constituted by Government of India under Section 3(3) of the Environment (Protection) Act of 1986 has been regulating ground water development and management in the country. The authority has been granting NOC for withdrawal of ground water by industries/infrastructure/mining projects.
The entire draft guidelines are available on the website of CGWB and in the NOCAP (, for the information of the public and stakeholders state governments


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