Can Aadhaar prevent human trafficking?

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How can you think of Aadhar human having solution? Aadhar is an identity database while human trafficking means deliberate displacement of a living person from its own residential place for ill intentions, which both seems quite different.

Aadhar Card has become India's real identity. The digital India is represented by Unique Identity system Aadhar card which is now possessed by almost all of Indian population. Human trafficking is big problem in India. The menace of misusing humans for ill intentions cannot be handled only by protective forces like police and military. People of India must think human trafficking a menace must be handled collectively.

Apart from public collectively effort human trafficking can also be solved to some extent by resorting to technologies like Unique Identity Aadhar system. The full biometric database of a nation can provide certain paths to manage the missing humans from their places.
You can count human population, you can identify your citizens then surely you can find ways to locate them against trafficking and certainly Aadhar card Unique Identity system is sure and handy human trafficking help effectively available online everywhere.

We firmly believe aadhar card is combat human trafficking solution.


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Identity Registration Camp Helped Uniting 3 Children

Just Google and you will find the Bangalore shelter home which reunited 3 missing boys who were given entry with their family. The reason is simple, the shelter people were attempting aadhar card registration and machines returned they already exist and rest is history.
Happy aadhaar reunion!

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