Mandatory Status of Departure Card Revoked, Foreign Air Travelers don't need from 01 July 2017

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Government has adopted "Say No To Departure Card" attitude in air but travelers adopting land, bus, train or water route still have to submit it in mandatory manner, Flight boarding made hassle free from 01 July, Abroad going flyers are happy

Ministry of Home has ordered “It has been decided to discontinue the practice of filling up of the departure card by Indians at all international airports with effect from July 1, 2017” which clearly indicate Mandatory Status has been called off.

What is Departure Card? It is a form filled during foreign journey from India at the immigration check posts. Indian travelling abroad are still have to fill mandatory embarkation card in other than air travel routes.

Bureau of Immigration used to impose mandatory filing of Departure Card for air passengers leaving India which unnecessarily is time consuming task and prone to attract filing error in airport as people are anxious due to abroad travel stress.

The mandatory need of arrival card has already been terminated few years back.



How to fill outgoing passenger card?

I was in hurry while leaving to Singapore and faced lot of problems at airport. Now I want to duly learn the full learning on filing outgoing passenger card, please some one tell the procedure in for perfect form fill to avoid last minute rush..

Sorry state, repeated error

I am sorry to inform that repeated errors has blocked my adhar registration
Lost hope to get my aadhar card while all people around me have got uid

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