Signal Jumping, Drunken and Rash Driving e-Challan System in Mumbai and Maharashtra and Role of Aadhar card

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Maharashtra RTO has world class eChallan system to trap traffic rule offenders and punish them online which may need your aadhar card. Mumbai RTO is leading the eChallan system database linking for app development. The app based online eChallan system is helpful for Police as well as vehicle owners.

Mumbai Traffic Police has revolutionized traffic fine process using digital methods and mobile app technology. Maha RTO is on a path breaking digital revolution in line with PM Modi moods. Traffic fines are now in digital domains.

Vehicle owners acting as traffic law violators now treated in digital motor vehicle management eChallan system. Aadhaar card of traffic offender can help in many ways.

eChallan system is totally cashless process to in fines charging on traffic offenders. So careless or accidental rule breakers now onwards please learn the trick of eChallan system in Mumbai Maharashtra RTO. Keep your aadhar card updated and properly linked to various services to face eChallan fine system.


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