Collector Bhim Singh inaugurated Rajnandgaon permanent Aadhar centre In Collectorate Premise

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Rajnandgaon citizens can now reach Collectorate room number 11 for their Aadhaar Card needs. IAS Collector Bhim Singh duly inaugurated Permanent Aadhaar Center on 5th September 2017 which is in compliance of government directives to house UId Enrollment Facility is official premises.

District Panchayat Chief Executive Officer CEO Chandan Kumar, ADM J.K. Dhruv and officials of Rajnandgoan district collectorate were present on aadhar centre inauguration.

Rajnandgaon Collector Bhim Singh appreciated installation of aadhar centre in DM office. With the launch of a permanent uid making center in the district collectorate office, the Janadarshan applicants now don’t need to go outside to form Aadhaar cards. Apart from this, the district office is prominent public office available nearby people will ease making of Aadhaar card in Rajnandgaon. Keeping in view the convenience of citizens, all the district panchayat offices of Rajnandon will be soon to establish permanent aadhar centers.

All revenue departmental sub divisional officers of Rajnandgaon district were also present on the occasion of the inauguration of a permanent aadhaar center in the district office.

So this is very useful news for those looking to Rajnandgaon Aadhar Centers, here is your right choice, simply move to collectorate office..



CG city Rajnandgaon under heroic identity aadhar card

The heroic project Aadhar is supposed to be destined 2 overall transformation in Indian society with identity based on latest technology relying on human elements like eyes fingers face etc thanks god they haven't thing for DNA but the speed Aadhar is covering Indian lifestyle and thoughts on health Unique Identity card is going on is Nandan nilekani himself said about it in a speech, not surprising that DNA of all Indians may come to the Aadhar identity card as essential identifying element.
No doubt Aadhar is heroic and hero number 1 tech-identity project no one has ever thought globally, even in most advanced Nations.
UID aadhar card is audacious, mammoth in size like touching infinite horizons and revolution in lifestyle.
So how is Rajnandgaon collectorate aadhar card centre is working?

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