CBSE UGC NET Unit Online form filing starts on 11 August, 2017 as per Updated Schedule, What is Aadhar card requirement?

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What is final date of CBSE UGC NET 2017? How can I use aadhar card online for admission application? Any special concession for Assam, Meghalaya and Jammu & Kashmir

When will actually my career for college and university teaching job start? I am confused with the online form filing dates and want to know official accurate information. The start and end dates for CBSE UGC NET Unit Online is given here from direct source notice -

CBSE will conduct the next UGC-NET for Junior Research Fellowship & Eligibility for Assistant Professor on 05th November, 2017 Sunday. The candidates who desire to appear in the test may see the detailed notification available on the website from 04 August, 2017. The candidates are required to apply online from 11th August, 2017.

These dates are crucial for appearing in entry level college professor and research grant, mark down carefully - The last date for applying online is 11th September, 2017 and CBSE UGC NET Unit Online exam fee can be paid up to 12 September 2017.

Internet is full of Net sites, mostly information providers with lot of confusing labyrinthine page link ending nowhere, I want real official destination where NET 2017 online form filing to be done - Official CBSE UGC NET Unit Online Form URL Address is, take care not to put www, otherwise "This site can’t be reached’s server DNS address could not be found" is the only output.

When was corrected final net 2017 date published? The reference code is CBSE/NET/2017 - 2018 Dated: 31.07.2017 notified by EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR (JAB) who took after net 2017 exam conducting procedures

What is aadhaar card and CBSE UGC NET Unit Online connection? Requirement of Aadhaar for the Applicants of UGC-NET November 2017 is almost essential but you have tricky options too to avoid temporarily the mandatory aadhar card requirement. Official statement reads "The use of Aadhaar for the applicants of UGC-NET(November) 2017 will result in accuracy of the applicants’ details. This will also help in ascertaining identities of the applicants at the examination centres in a convenient and hassle free manner. Aadhaar obviates the need for producing multiple documents to prove one’s identity". You may think it is innocent ease of operation factor but read on story have more turns.

CBSE Net authority started with suggestive tone then the next para says "The provisions of the Aadhaar Act and Regulations under the Act have come into effect from 14th September 2016 and notifications to this effect have been published in the Official Gazette. Section 57 of the Aadhaar Act 2016 permits the use of Aadhaar number for establishing the identity of an individual for any purpose pursuant to any law or any contract to this effect". Why aadhar card ruling quoted here?

CBSE UGC NET Unit Online form filing Secrete revealed in third para - Accordingly, CBSE has decided to use Aadhaar for the applicants of UGCNET(
November) 2017, and hereby notifies the following:

- Applicants who are in possession of Aadhaar, shall enter Aadhaar number, name, date of birth & gender in online application for UGC-NET November 2017 for the purpose of his/her identity and authentication thereof.

- Applicants not yet enrolled for Aadhaar, are hereby required to make application for Aadhaar enrolment in case he/she is entitled to obtain Aadhaar as per section 3 of Aadhaar Act. Such applicant may visit any Aadhaar enrolment center (list available at to get enrolled for Aadhaar.

Asst. Professor and Fellowship Test taker please take care Net 2017 has mandatory aadhar card requirement, you must either have it or enrol for uid card to get going further. Read again above para and in case of confusion please comment. Better option is to avail aadhaar card at the earliest as it is mandatory at other place too. Dear Net 2017 Test Taker, Aadhar is now essential.

Apart from aadhar card exemption is only under condition "get enrolment immediately" some of hill regions have been also allowed form filing without aadhar card. The aadhaar card mandatory provisions are not applicable in Assam, Meghalaya and Jammu & Kashmir.

What are alternative identity in CBSE UGC NET Unit Online for specially exempted states? The applicants from the states of J&K, Assam & Meghalaya need to enter the passport number, ration card number, bank account number or any other valid Govt. identity number provided they should select the city of examination in these states only.

The update section after 04 August, 2017 for CBSE UGC NET Unit Online Filing and more guidance - (Check back again)


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