Banks must have permanent aadhaar centres in it's ten percent branches otherwise INR 20000 penalty imposed

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Fine of Twenty Thousand Rupees for Banks of India have been ordered by government if it fails to install permanent aadhaar centers in specified branches which must be 10% of total branches. UIDAI orders make mandatory to install in-house permanent arrangements for uid aadhar card enrollment, updation and related works. Bank in local area is very important part of life and so is aadhar card. CEO Ajay Bhushan Pandey has made media announcement informing banks as well as public about availability of permanent aadhaar card centre in bank branch.

Two types of bank namely private and government exists in India and both must maintain Unique Identification Authority of India, UIDAI Aadhaar centers in part of their overall branches.

Specified 10% branches have 30 September 2017 deadline to start aadhaar card work. UIDAI orders not followed after allowed target date must be ready to pay INR 20,000 fine for not providing in-branch uid card services as stipulated.

What are important bank aadhaar information?
Most important deadline date for you is 31 December, 2017 to link you bank account with aadhar card number.
If some one want to open new bank account aadhar card is mandatory.
INR 50000+ bank transactions must be accompanied by aadhaar number.
Banks are already aadhaar registrars, theu could have their own aadhar centers but to facilitate public UIADI has imposed mandatory condition to open permanent aadhar card centers.

So India is now having additional Aadhaar centers before 30 September 2017 for public service after implementation of UIDAI order. Nationa statistics informs that 1.2 Lakh bank branches exists in India.

Here is is relevant to mention there is Aadhar Housing Finance Ltd which also do loan banking so please don't confuse with aadhar bank and aadhar bank loan.



Which banks are aadhar registrar?

if you are looking for Aadhar update centre complete list of aadhaar bank centres is very helpful for every one, Know aadhar bank registrars? Please share---

Is it possible to withdraw money only on basis of Aadhar no.?

Well news about ATM card Pin ask by scammers and withdrawing money from bank account is very popular but some fraudulent persons ask for Aadhaar number and a recent news is saying that handsome amount of money is withdrawn from the victim’s bank account.
How come on earth a person I mean I thug is able to recover money from bank account of any other hello by only getting victims Aadhaar number?

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