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Aadhaar Acknowledgement that you receive after enrolling yourself for Aadhaar card number looks like image pasted below.

I proudly have one. I visited today the enrolment centre which was NOT near to my residence. This effort proved quite fruitful to me. I got my enrolment done in a matter of few minutes and I received this acknowledge card from authorities over there.
It is one of the best things ever happening to citizens of India who are restricted to their wards, suffering lot of inconvenience in the hands of careless officers who are making enrolment procedure look like a herculean task.

When I first visited enrolment centre near to my residence, I lost all hopes of receiving Aadhaar card ever in my life. Ruthless officer there very bluntly told me that collection of forms is over for the day. Imagine the time ...10 a.m. in morning.

If I were not in touch with the procedure, I would have landed up just cribbing about how inconvenient the process is. I am a housewife, mother of 2 yr son. If somebody tells me to wake up at 4 in the morning, and then line up for enrolling myself ,won’t it will be a cruel joke to me? I really wanted to confront that bullying “officer” over there about feasibility of stupid suggestion he was making to me. But instead of wasting my time and energy, I went to another enrolment centre and got this simple thing done really simply.

Friends, instead of panicking, please keep your eyes and ears open. Read whatever possible about enrolment procedures. I am asserting this because a lot of notorious incidents have happened in last few months in the name of Aadhar card verification, to quote the least, strangers barging in home in the name of aadhar card verification and then robbing the residents. Be aware, and be alert.

Enrolment centres are prevalent throughout India. And you can visit any one of these irrespective of place you belong to. Only few things are required to complete the enrolment procedure and obtaining this acknowledgement. One, a valid proof of identity and address and second,you in person, for recording biometric details of yours like iris scan, finger and thumb prints and your photo which will be clicked at the enrolment centre only.

Active enrolment centres in India till date are listed below:
updated_list_209_ea_as_on_10_jan_2011.pdf (pdf file need Adobe acrobat to open)

Friends, rush to any of the enrolment centres, be it near or far and be the part of this initiative, Aadhaar, your identity, your foundation.





Apply for UID

How can i apply for UID card and from where.

apply for uid card

Dear Vikas,

Please find enrolment centres in ghaziabad. Hope it helps you.

* RWA office (near electricity office)- Shipra Sun City - Indirapuram
* RDC Ghaziabad
* Shipra Riviera(RWA office),Gyan Khand-3,Indirapuram
* Bank of India, B-43 Navyug Market, Ghaziabad (UP)
* Naya Khand 1 Indirapuram,Ghaziabad


For UID Card

Plz Make My UID Card


Dear Prakash,

You need to visit any enrolment centre anywehere in India with ID proof,address proof.
You will get Your card in 90 days from the day of enrolment.


Hello Everyone,
Myself Kaushik Chakraborty, recently got shifted to Hyderabad. I am a permanent resident from Kolkata, W.B. Currently I am staying with my family at Upperpally, Pillar-212, R.R -district., P.O- Hyderguda. Can anyone help me in identifying the nearest enrollment center to my address. Is it possible to enroll from here as I am from Kolkata.
What is the last date of enrollment?

kaushik chakraborty.

ration card and resident of mumbai but shifted to pune

we are a family of 4. 2 adults and to children. we have our ration card of mumbai and also our passports holds mumbai address. how do we apply for a aadhar card in pune?
we do have pan cards, passports for verification and also electricity bills and other bills for address proof.

thank you


Dear Rafat

It is totally your call which address you want to be there on your card.Whatever address you want to be there on card you need to attach address proof of that address with application.

Hope it will help you.


aadhar card enquiery

six months back submission my forms,submission names, 1,shiva kumar 2.g.renuka3. g.gayathri 4.g.karthik my adress 3-42-203/a picket contonment quaters secunderabad, andhara pradesh pin no;500026.

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