Authors need international Identity? How to build global Internet presence and make your writings reach millions of international readers.

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Web presence or internet presence are not new words for writers. They are in use for quite a while now. Writers and authors from across the world are using web media to promote and sell their books. Writing blogs, posting book reviews in social media, using sales promotion features of social media sites and forums are all good promotion techniques but soon these efforts get lost in the noise of millions of similar efforts by other writers, authors and bloggers. To rise above the noise, one needs a sound strategy to build and grow one’s internet presence. But not everyone knows the art and science of building internet presence, which Ashok Sharma Internet exclusively calls ‘Architected Internet Existence’.
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Architected Internet Existence is created by dedicated internet architects through well-crafted policies and collaborative approach. Creativity thrives in a collaborative environment. It proliferates through cross-fertilization that sparks insight and innovation. Come here at identity forum and join hands with thousands of other creative people and gain from the presence of specialized internet architects working towards creating and cultivating your internet existence.


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