AskAnAppointment Mobile App for ESIC Dispensaries

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Have you done with ESIC Aadhar Card Link Online? Website and mobile application for ESI patients available wanting to use ESIC Hospitals & Dispensaries, keep formalities handy and ready to avail in hospitals installed by Insurance Corporation for workers in different sectors

Whe was app for insurance holders introduced? The Employees’ State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) has launched a mobile based application “AskAnAppointment” (AAA+) for booking of appointment in ESI Dispensaries in Delhi on 10th April, 2017.

Free Smartphone App: Through this Mobile Application, a beneficiary can seek a prior appointment for OPD Registration in the stipulated dispensary. This Application can be downloaded free of cost in Smart Phones.

What about desktop / web based booking? The official website has "Book your Appointment" section in front page where you can put your city, hospital or clinic location and then speciality for treatment and go ahead to get you turn fixed.

Can i use AskAnAppointment Mobile App for my city ESIC Hospitals & Dispensaries? No you have to wait, This project has been rolled out in ESIC Dispensaries in Delhi on a pilot basis. Initially, every ESIC Dispensary in Delhi can cater to 20 patients per day through this mobile application. If you are in capital Delhi then first twenty are allowed now for health care.

Advance booking possible? Yes, Patient Appointment can be sought up to 7 days in advance excluding the current date. AskAnAppointment Mobile App is available both in English and Hindi. Progressively the project is planned to be rolled out in other ESIC dispensaries, in phases, based on the response of this pilot project. The clue is take health care facility at the fullest possible way so that further ESIC Dispensaries can be mobile ready and the other areas not having the insurance clinics can be taken into consideration.

Mobile dispensaries are also provided by Insurance Corporation. Under ESIC 2.0 Reforms, ESI Corporation has decided to expand its services in the country. In the implemented areas where Insured person population does not meet the ESI norms for setting up health facilities, endeavor is made to provide services through mobile clinics.

In short if government or corporation installs good facility, it expects full utilization. AskAnAppointment Mobile App and ESIC Hospitals & Dispensaries of your area must be fully tapped for further enhancements and expansion.

Where can I have more inforamation on ESIC Hospitals & Dispensaries? Naturally the government portal official platform is the best place, here is the url link address which has appointment booking and lot of more news and information.


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