Who can vote in India?

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The nation is very big, new births adding to population of 1.237 billion (2012) Indians every second and various citizen categories exists in India. Naturally the prime question always remain standing that Who can vote in India?

The vote casting information and voter list consisting of eligible / qualified citizens must be available online for effective voting required to strengthen democracy. You read news detailing voting issues and people deprived to vote every time, even cor cases are quite common after elections.

The perfect eligible voter list accessible and updateable easily is only solution to perfect voting system. Are you seeing the answer to "Who can vote?".question.

Let's come to some usual points which are atleast needed / minimum requirement for "can vote" fulfillment condition.

The certified life count is officially mandated saying "All citizens of India who are 18 years of age as on 1st January" for finding a place in voter list of the region / area where the vote casting is to be done. One more crucial condition for age fulfillment the year must be one when electoral roll is prepared.


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