What is Train Branding Policy adopted by Railway?

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The objective of Train Branding policy is to augment advertising revenue of Indian Railways by allowing internal and external advertisement
● This policy will help in realizing economies of scale and give more marketing flexibility, thereby leading to higher realization of earnings for Indian Railways.
● Indian Railways had appointed RITES as consultant who appointed Ernst & Young as Professional Media Market Evaluation Agency (PMMEA)
● Advertisement through vinyl wrapping of train exterior (including windows of AC coaches) and inside the coaches shall be allowed
● The tenure of the contract shall be 10 years.
● The train branding packages sizes shall be offered for bidding in a phased manner (e.g.Rajdhani package, Shatabdi package etc.)
● The advertising assets to be offered via a transparent E-auction process
● More than INR 2,000 Cr is expected to be generated by the end of the contract


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