What is SAMVAD?

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The dialogue, commune or conversation is called SAMVAD in Hindi and Sanskrit but here we are detailing about an agency working under government looking into media matters. For other SAMVAD contexts please share and comment your stuff. SAMVAD is Chhattisgarh Public Relations Departments agency or body functioning in corporate manner in lead of CEO, Chief Executive Officer post handled by an IAS officer..

SAMVAD is the autonomous agency under the aegis of Department of Public Relations, Government of Chhattisgarh. Dept. of PR, is responsible for all the official communications: print , electronic and digital for the state government.

SAMVAD is responsible for managing and work assignment to all the agencies associated with Governments communications. SAMVAD is also responsible for content development, PR strategy and media relations of the Department of PR.

SAMVAD regularly publishes literature on public awareness campaigns, public outreach programs, social welfare programs and highlights of Governments achievements.

SAMVAD is entering into a new phase, in which it intends to create a homogenous organizational structure which is in sync with the new age and technological developments.

SAMVAD is also responsible for documentation and archiving of all the Print, Publications, Electronic and Digital media content of the State Government.


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