What is Out of Home Advertising Policy?

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Railways policy prime objective is to allow monetisation of Railway Assets by means of advertising
● Indian Railways had appointed RITES as consultant who appointed Ernst & Young as Professional Media Market Evaluation Agency (PMMEA)
● In addition to the existing identified sites, Indian Railways shall allow advertising at areas hitherto unused, i.e., area along tracks, Road Over Bridges, Level Crossing Gates etc.
● Static advertising will not be permitted in the station buildings, platforms, foot over bridges (leading to station area), etc., as it is covered in Rail Display Network
● Indian Railways shall allow all forms of advertising, including digital to make the most use of advertising potential.
● The advertising rights to be awarded for ten years
● The advertising asset package sizes to be offered for bidding for zones/ clusters of zones, separately for Mumbai and Delhi area
● The advertising assets to be offered via a transparent E-auction process
● More than INR 6,000 Cr is expected to be generated by the end of the contract


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