What is Choice Center?

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The government run or sponsored egovernance centers can be found at many places in city and town.

The information in details on "What is Choice Center" including its achievements is very useful for common public.

Who can define Choice Center? What is Choice Center meant for?

Which is authority allowing Choice Centers?

How about a career in Choice Center?



It is CHOiCE, branded at places in cg gov website

The full form of CHOiCE is "Chhattisgarh Online information for Citizen Empowerment" and the project executing body CHiPS has set-up eGovernance Internet enabled official shops with name Choice Center across whole of Chhattisgarh.

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Do you know ChoiceCenter Leadership University?

I mean is the choicecenter real university offering degrees?

The Las Vegas personal development and leadership courses are available for shopping online too.
This example indicate there can be many more choice center exists around world.


Dear sir , madam , i have a new adhar card enrolement center open in assam . what can i do it ? pls help me & reply me ?

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