Ultimate Guide on Aadhaar Applications in various formats and language

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The first step to get unique aadhaar identity is demystified in all respect like format, language and download destinations as per utility and requirement, after all you have to wish in prescribed form.

The first and most popular meaning related to aadhar card is the application form when you hear or start thinking applications but just care, it is plural. Actually there exists various formats and languages of aadhaar applications in online world which need to be discussed at one place for clarity and guidance.

The primary recourse to download must be official UIDAI portal website, which has a simple unique form to apply for aadhaar available at official UIDAI website. The pdf form document contained in official URL is multi-purpose doubling as correction form.application.

Let us enumerate the key point associated with official uidai pdf application form -

- English Language Application Document: The above mentioned aadhaar application is in English
- Absolutely free of cost aadhar application form, no fee required to download or pay to any one.
- Elaborate filling instructions attached in the form
- Allow you FREE 96 hours to get the aadhaar correction apply.

Now comes to using the official for to apply or correct your aadhaar - At first sight you are suggested to read the whole form carefully for the details to be inserted.

Where are various language versions of Aadhaar Application?
The Indian language Aadhaar Application forms are available at different addresses, please contribute if you know about it.

What about Tamil, Kannad, Marathi, Bengali, Gujarati, Punjabi, Odia, Malayalam, Telugu and other language application form? Are they really available online? Are you allowed to apply for aadhaar in India languages which is your mother tongue? Aadhaar language questions are many in numbers.

#update2018 - The links to downloads have been removed as it has become obsolete.



Mallawan Franchise of AADHAR CARD, a Hardoi district rural place

Where is application? I am very much interested to get franchise of Aadhar Card for distribution in my village /post Mallawan Dist Hardoi UP 241303. Please do let me know security and other details at my e-mail/mob phone. Thanks my mob also have with me.

Can I have a look on the aadhaar distribution online application form for details?

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