Resources are slowing the Permanent Aadhar Center in Orissa / Odisha

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Government is always lacking in fund, resources and manpower but the announcement are always matching speed of light. DBT sceme was announced just before state elections but the lack of infrastructure again came into front line and the promised Permanent Aadhaar Centers in Odisha are still at long distance to reality, You may call it Orissa to with previous name but the ground reality is the same. Aadhar centers on regular basis are not available for Aam Admi to get the magic number yielding a card necessary to have the money benefit direct to bank account.

Every one avoid long queue and prefer short and sweet specially the mouse click method i.e. online facility in comparison to conventional bee line making system. For success of Aadhaar the fixed and regular card making center spots are must. As per new Express News Service from Bhubaneswar many districts are in queue to get the permanent shop yielding Aadhar enabling you to DBT.

Let's wait, time will soon solve all the uid hazzles.


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Be it Odisha or Raipur or Korba

Everywhere it is the same story, media keep on sending news about over crowding and chaos, lack of macines an all that,

Only solution is permanent paid facility, people will willingly pay happily for good adhar service

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