International Science Seminar at Sagar, Focus on New Research Work in Universities

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Minister for Higher Education Shri Jaibhan Singh Pawayya said that the Universities should not restrict themselves to the academic works only. We will not be able to achieve the target which we have set in higher education, if interest is not shown by the universities in the scientific research activities. Shri Pawayya was speaking at the International Science Seminar held at Dr. Harisingh Gour University at Sagar.

Shri Pawayya mentioned that science is a name to discover the mysteries of nature. Word like victory over nature has put human beings in danger. We enjoy facilities provided by the science to exploit nature. Science which is for the welfare can put us in danger because broken relation between mankind and nature.

Shri Pawayya said that Bharat is a country where Rishis used to live who had invented Pushpak Vimaan and Charak Chyavan Vigyan 7500 years ago and 2500 years respectively. He said that he is happy to see that youth of India is in the queue of new Science. Shri Pawayya further said that foundation of all the universities of the state should be based on research activities because the work of the university is to undertake new inventions also. He said that the state government will deliberate to provide resources to the universities in this regard.

Padam Shree Prof. Govardhan Mehta, Vice Chancellor of the University Prof. Raghvendra Prasad Tiwari, Prof. Malcom Lavitt, Prof. Bruce Ceili, Prof. Raj Jaivichrach, Prof. Naveen Kango, Dr. K.K. Dey, Prof. J.D. Aahi and more than 300 participants participated in the seminar.


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