The Identity Development is digital phenomena in modern times

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Analyzing the advent of Aadhaar in light of highly exhaustive digital social ‘always live interactive’ world

How is anyone supposed to get out of the current dilemma of social interactions striving for unique identity? Many get frustrated with the endless reality shows, in-numerous TV channels, podcasts, editorials, Googleplus, facebook and twitter feeds and so on. Is it not exhausting enough that we have this interaction constantly in our lives? Aadhaar Identity is soon acquiring the same kind of status in Indian lives.
Let’s begin the ‘Straight Talk’ on Identity Development in some unique perspective keeping the Aadhaar in constant focus.
If you look around you, there are many homes housing more than one person in each and indication that you are surrounded by an endless sea of people, and within those homes reside different types of identity seeker people in different stages of their social development. The identity in offline and online social circle and those which give them officially recognized in government matters. India is in phase of Aadhaar based online identification system and other countries in world either have it in some form or trying to evolve an online enabled id card system, may be some inspired by advent of Aadhar.
Various kind of unique identification is included in every part of our lives. Thanks to online mobile technology, there is a constant need to maintain an online identity. Is this a frightening premise? It can be seen that way but all of this depends on the context you use your pride possession. The Aadhaar is evolving to grab more and more areas in all dimensions of unique identification. Are you seeing an entire new world has already evolved out of nowhere? It means you have to write new rules and set trends for everything including culture. Every home is involved directly or indirectly with identity development and need watch and care results.
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It is said that anxiety is one of the disorders or syndromes that we as people have to struggle with on a daily basis. Internet and mobile is considered the biggest player. Is this a problem of the current social age that we live in? Now you have essential unique identity like Aadhaar with unlimited options too. Is this an adult problem? The lines are getting blurred more and more. Some identities affect the whole society with its mandatory nature. First, we can look at the early stages of identity development to consider the context of this current predicament.

The psychologists have made a profession out of these issues and attempt to solve them with different theories and techniques. Specifically if we look at the psychiatrist Erik Erikson, we see the work of developmental psychology which attempts analyze these issues in stages. But what about the latest and biggest developments like Aadhaar and SSN and who is caring to analyze it? You can find how to and guide stuff but deep study is still in wait for someone to catch it. The identity stages take place throughout a person’s life from youth on up. Erikson points this out in nine stages. One stage depends on the other, and these are parts of development that strengthen the person’s needs in society. If you care about this philosophy then you must admit the new unique identification and advent of Aadhar must be dealt with serious philosophical effort immediately. Same indication applies to SSN and modern versions / avatar under planning.

We constantly see these problems presented from news reports that single out a person when a crime has been committed. There is a usually a need to look at that criminal’s past, which normally becomes more interesting when we find that during their early stages of development there were issues. Aadhaar is being seen as worthy health database platform while USA has very good online background check and criminal records deployed in government and private sectors. The initial digitization of raw elements like iris, face and finger has arrived mainly keeping financial matters in center. Any time it can be expanded to deeper and serious elements of life like health. Let’s see the psychiatrist Erik Erikson theory in above context. He pointed out that between the ages of 12 and 20, an adolescent will pass through what he refers to as the identity versus role confusion stage. Throughout a person’s whole life there are conflicts that arise. The solutions to these conflicts are found in the person’s development. This is what Erikson refers to as the fifth stage of development. The idea here is that if the adolescent is not free to figure things out for themselves and is hindered from doing so, then they will have problems forming their own identity during this stage of development. Ok, it clearly suggests the formation phase influenced by new digital order and problems of online world must be immediately looked in light of the psychiatrist Erik Erikson’s theories. So sufficient hint is there for policy makers to please take care of future issues with multi-dimensions approach. Simply introducing Aadhaar unique identity system or new technology is not enough.

Thinking further on troubled past also suggests that just for the sake alone of not having an environment full of conflict, there should be a vested interest in that child and how they are responding or acting in their environment. In such scenario the most common signs are perhaps withdraw from social environments. But similar symptoms apply to over dependency on online world. Are the activities that kids are involved in nurturing their development? Aadhaar is proposed and used in education system. May be identities around world are also used in similar manner for kids related matters. It suggests two layers of identity one is out of social environment using online channels and other is imposed due to some essential identification methods introduced by government. The inter-relation and effect of all types of identity issues need new study specially focused around online unique identity elements.
There is no doubt that psychologists are on the side of the development in various phases. Where there are well rounded people that come out of it. Instead of reacting to something without any negative association, this is acceptable in society. This is an approach that is not based on morals but rather, is based off of the need that the body and the mind have during their processes. Aadhaar identity project at the moment is in initial phase of development and its philosophical values are yet to evolve even in for the sake of discussion. This very article is the first one establishing rather pointing to association psychological approach to unique identity project.

There are other issues that are well documented to show that actual deformities in the brain do cause problems with this development. It is purely physical issue. But while this might not be something that can be internally expressed, it only exists from the external perspective of acceptance like you believe what you see. Existing Aadhaar identity project is only looking to needs at face value, after all government acts out of need more and less on research and development angle. If it were not for the problem where the persons act out aggressively towards others, we would not have the studies and information to point out the developmental problem. That is why ruling functionary cannot be blamed if Aadhaar project is a straight way designed government project, psychology and philosophy mainly evolves from society side later to be adopted by governing bodies.

The offline and online identity is a very important part of the human and for the constant developmental progress of modern society in digital online era. Inspite of all criticism initially unique identity projects like Aadhaar are very promising platform for future.


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Expanding the concept to 'identities around world'

Now the time indicates go beyond National Identity, to universal models suggesting global face fo ultra modern living.

The different identities around the world are (sort of) merging in digital revolution reaching every home of world..

Brands are penetrating their identity in to online style as if these are a local business.

Always live technology poses great challenge to architect and designers.

The Internet can reach anywhere, if we take the statement as base, architecture of identities around world starts taking its shape for future.

Helpers must write and write more on the advent of new identities quoting the present one.

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