I think Americans are much more comfortable with the use of identification throughout their lives

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India's UID project which is branded as Aadhaar finds good mention in American senate hearing. NBC news also has a mention in a long story on census operation. The statement in title is not mine, it is by Lynden Melmed is former Chief Counsel for USCIS and partner with Berry Appleman & Leiden, LLP, Washington, D.C during a witness in US senate hearing. The mega identity project is finding places in global developmental issues officially.

Sen. John Cornyn of R-Texas has very positive note in the above said session "Why is it that we've been struggling for 20 years to do this, Mr. Melmed? Do you think it's because we lack the knowledge or is it a lack of political will?".

The interesting statement by Mr. Lynden Melmed to Sen. John Cornyn says "I think there were two limitations over the past 20 years. The first, is technological. The capabilities that the government has today are far superior than it had 20 years ago. Even the discussion about the issue of an identification document, when I've looked at the congressional testimony from the 1986 debate surrounding a national ID card, it is a different environment and I think Americans are much more comfortable with the use of identification throughout their lives. So I think it's a mix of both technological developments and social acceptance of the use of technology."

The above official talk is symbol of the great advancement in public life towards the contemporary identity issues.



Internet and online is initiated from America

USA is no doubt the software and technology leader in world but is surprising that online based Identity project is under consideration.

I think US is coming with more advance identity project after all it is a nation with vast database driven UID project in defense supplies and similar other projects. Just a guess.

But the amazing scene is UK where the Identity UID kind of project was rolled back to dump.

USA Government also going uid in opensource way?

America already have very robust uid project and ssn facility

Are the clubbing it to go even bigger and more advance in identification of people?

Is opensource to go with USA Uid?

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