Government thinks everyone has mobile phone

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Cell Phones and Mobile Smart Phones are necessity in Indian Online World for Authentications like Aadhaar Online Status Check and Internet Banking

Online e-aadhaar status check, verification, modification to Internet banking have mandatory step called OTP, One Time Password sent to your mobile phone for first step authentication, then only you can move ahead to complete the online process.

I never used mobile or cell, although my life completely depends on online world. Mobile was never my necessity but has become now. I was compelled to purchase a mobile phone for the sake of Internet banking. There was no way that I can make online payment without an OTP sent to my own mobile. I had to surrender to become a man on go.

Why so? I, an Internet specialist who depends on online, used to boast about not ever using mobile. Now the seen has changed and an Internet existence specialist has turned to mobile phone user thanks courtesy online transaction and authentication.

Why they think every one in India is having mobile phone / cell phone?

Government thinks so, banks think so, corporates, email provider and social networks also have catches the same track.

Having mobile is now necessity of life.

eAadhaar UIDAI portal demands madatory mobile number to get status and printing of e-aadhaar card download. The same OTP feature requires your own mobile to get the secret code for entering into official aadhaar online features.



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My number 95727***** to be insrted

Aadhar card rejected, Mubail number karna hai
Mumbai mobile number only applicable
No mobile no adhar? Alternate way

Mohan Kumar

Is this Mumbai permanent aahar center helpful?

104, 1st Floor, Ghatla Khardev Nagar, N.G Acharya Marg, Behind Khardev Nagar, Bus Stop

Chembur-East, Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400071
Otherwise please query with you location, try online update too

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