Comment on Prime Minister Padmasana: I do Padmasan for my mind body soul, Why you think other way?

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi do or not do Padmasana and just Google for the remarks he get. Is Padmasana bad thing or PM Padmasana is bad? If the top of governing force don't do, he is still more bad. How do you view Padmasana and The Yoga posture being done by a VIP? Do you know exercise habit of top world leaders? Anyways I very well remember Sir Paul McCartney letter to ex-Prime Minister about making India vegetarian.

So we are discussing Yoga's Padmasana posture, a lotus like sitting pose. Why politics rate a thing to ridicule if it belongs to opposition? OK, You can very well ridicule your opponent in politics but please spare the ancient art of living and lifestyle. Keep Reading Visiting The Padmasana Saga is eternal.

Any ways I can do Padmasana and you can't, is the essence of story.


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Do you think PM Modi can't make a Padmasana pose?

ex RSS cadre Narendra Modi, now Indian Prime Minister is allegedly ridiculed in public speech speech by Rahul Gandhi allegedly not able to do Padm Asan? Is it real?.

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