The City of Dracula, Sighisoara by night

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A very ancient place, full of history and legends, Sighisoara is a stronghold city founded in 12th century by the ancient german people brought here by the hungarian kings from those times. Considerated one of the most beautiful medieval cities from Europe, it was included in UNESCO patrimony.

Sighisoara is situated near important cities of Romania, like Sibiu, Brasov, Targu Mures and at 279 km far from Bucharest. Between the atractions of this city we can enumerate The Clock Tower, Vlad Dracul`s House ( known as Dracula), The Dominican Monastery`s Church, The Covered Stairs.

In 1350 begins the building of the city defensive wall, having 950 meters length, 8 meters high. The wall had 14 towers and 4 bastions. Nowadays there remained 9 towers and 3 bastions. The most important one is The Clock Tower which hosts The City Museum History.

The Monastery`s Church is situated in the highest point of citadel`s hill, where one can arrive by climbing the 175 stairs of the Covered Stair. It is bulit in 1345, in a gothic style. One of the most visible bulidings in town is the Catholic Church, a neo-gothic and neo-roman architectural style edicice.

Some of the most important tower from the town are, in their original names Turnul Cizmarilor, Turnul Fierarilor, Turnul Croitorilor, Turnul Cojocarilor, Turnul Macelarilor.

The Church from The Hill has fragments of paintings from the period 1380-1520. It hosts also beautiful furniture pieces in gothic style, made from stone, one of the most remarcable being the Tabernacle. There is also a beautiful way in Sighisoara, delimitating the old city from the new city.

Sighisoara is very well known on national and international plan by its Medieval Festival which reunites a big number of attractions: theater, music, imitative arts, expositions, movie, dance, different youth concerts and conferences, street spectacles, medieval costumes exposition and medieval dance courses. It is a very beautiful and unique atmosphere during the festival in Sighisoara, transforming the city in an original medieval one, where the history is present and the stories get born.

We can`t leave Sighisoara without visiting Vlad Dracul`s house, now hosting a restaurant. Vlad Dracul, becoming Vlad Tepes, was a very fierce ruler who is remebered in the legends as Dracula. The house has a very good preserved fresco which is the clear proof that the house belonged to Dracul`s family. But about Dracula legend, in the next article.


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