Biometrics had past, have present and sure to rock in future with unheard unimaginable kind of things

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Biometric identification technology isn’t a new thing, but it is evolving at a rapid rate. Some forms of the technology are still in their infancy, either too expensive, like retina or iris scanning or too unreliable, like face recognition.

Face recognition has been used by Facebook, in its photo tagging feature and also by Samsung as an unlock feature for its Galaxy 3 phone. Two issues come up here, one of privacy and one of security. Facebook has received backlash for its use of face recognition technology with its critics stating that it is a violation of privacy. As far as security, face recognition is still not reliable enough; there are too many variables and ways to fool it.
Still, security and privacy issues aside, this technology is truly remarkable and shows a great deal of promise. As it becomes cheaper and more reliable its uses will become more widespread. As a security feature, biometrics has the potential to greatly reduce, if not virtually eliminate fraud and identity theft.


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Lions also put biometrics to mark its territory

Well Lions and Lionesses can lead life with temporary bio marks but humans cant, their biometrics last long even for life as supposed in the Aadhaar biometrics based identification system, it can be said face don't change face in biometrics world.

That is the reason Aadhaar online biometrics record allow for small kids to get enroled.

But still fraudsters find their way...

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