Aadhaar Mobile Number Enables Cashless Transaction and Ration Purchase

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Dhamtari's 23 fair price shops has innovative way of cashless ration supply system. Government fair price shops aka ration dukan are distributing ration from January month with aadhaar number only. Ration can be purchased through the Aadhaar card. Consumers aadhaar number (from his aadhaar card), bank name and mobile number to presented in the PDS Fair price shops..

Aadhaar based ration purchase requires consumer's aadhaar linked with their bank account number. Dhamtari food officer has advised if the ration purchaser has not linked aadhaar number to the bank account number, please do it fast for ration purchase.

Government fair price shops have downloaded 'Digi-Dhan' software in their tablet for cash-less payments. Consumer has to purnish to fair price store manager at the time of ration purchase aadhaar number, bank name and mobile number only and No need to carry cash. The required ration price will be deducted from the consumer's bank account directly and ration items delivered accordingly.

There is one more facility available in ration shop just keep the thumb on the fingerprint device and the amount of food to be purchased is deducted from the beneficiary's bank account directly, another way of cashless purchase.
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Government fair price shops in rest of Dhamtari Municipal and rural areas of the district are also soon to be equipped with similar cashless ration purchase system.


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